Sunday, December 12, 2010

Measures to control muscle spasms in back

What is a muscle spasm? This is said to be a condition whereby one or more muscles contract involuntarily. When one suffers this kind of condition, the person feels pains which may last for as little as few minutes and as much as few days. Certain muscle spasms, including muscle spasms in back are caused by conditions which already exist in the individual’s body. In some cases, the contractions could be so severe that if not given proper attention, may result in one suffering from damaged ligaments and tendons.

Research has shown that almost 95 percent of the human population experiences this muscle spasm at one time or the other in one’s life. This is especially so in adults and the older one gets, the more frequent the condition is experienced.

Muscle spasms in back usually occur when one strains or pulls a muscle on the back. In a situation where one suffers a nerve injury or involuntarily pulls a muscle, one is sure to experience unpleasant and disconcerting muscle spasms in back. This is not enough to cause an alarm except in cases where the spasms is followed by intense pain or numb feeling and lasts longer than necessary.

The body reacts to injury and pain through muscle spasms and this normally happens when one’s body is not fit physically or has been subjected to very strenuous activities which could have led to one experiencing pains.

There are several actions or postures that may lead to one experiencing muscle spasms in back. Simple tasks or activities like bending, standing, twisting, sitting and lying can lead to one having back pains especially in those persons who are confirmed to be physically unfit. One of the steps towards correcting the back pains being experienced is finding out the root cause of the pains. It might have been a bad posture or lifting of heavy object. Whatever the reason, the earlier one finds out, the quicker one gets to recovery.

Some of the issues one may have with his or her back includes but not limited to nerve damage, compression, disc damage among others. For this reason, it is advised that when one senses unusual muscle spasms in back, it is better to seek or consult a qualified physician who in turn will carry out several examinations to determine the cause and severity of the condition. Though some muscle spasms do not last and stops in the shortest possible time but others just get worse. In this case, not seeking medical or professional help might lead to one causing more damage to his or her back.

Exercising in extreme conditions is also known to be factor that has the ability to trigger muscle spasms. This is so because in the extreme heat, one looses body fluids in the form of sweat which is known to be made up of liquids like calcium, potassium, salt and magnesium. A drastic drop in these electrolytes will surely lead to one suffering muscle spasms.

These spasms are more frequent in the lower back, front of thigh, abdomen, back of lower leg etc.

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