Sunday, December 12, 2010

Methods of Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

It is not always easy for one to find natural sciatic nerve pain relief. If at the end of a long search and one finds such relief, then the time and energy spent in such search becomes justified. Most persons who suffer from sciatic nerve pain end up having their life and routine altered within the period of the suffering. Some of the symptoms associated with this condition are leg and lower back pain which in some cases turn out to be severe.

Some of the Causes And Symptoms of Sciatic Nerve Pain

When the disks in an individual’s body slips, it puts pressure on the individual’s sciatic nerve which is designed in such a way that it runs right through the full length of one’s back. This pressure from the slipped disks sends painful transmissions through the sufferer’s body. These pains can be felt on the person’s back, one side of his or her body and even down the person’s buttocks and the legs. These pains can really be devastating to the sufferer within the period it is being experienced. Even if it is true that the pains are not permanent, one would need to take some measures to alleviate the pains which includes but not limited to natural sciatic nerve pain relief. Going for this pain relief is essential in order for one to carry out his or her daily activities during the period the pain is being felt.

Artificial Remedies

There are several artificial methods of sciatic nerve pain relief available for people who are suffering from this condition. Some of these artificial methods include purchasing pain medications like ibuprofen and aspirin over the counter. Some persons may get relief from taking this type of medication but the disadvantage is the danger in taking ibuprofen or aspirin over an extended period of time. Another remedy for sciatic nerve pain relief is being injected in one’s spine by a qualified physician. Though this may relief the pain but there are possibilities of one suffering from one side effect or the other. In cases which are confirmed to be very severe, surgery is recommended as the viable solution, with its attendant risks, uncertainties and hospital stay but the risk can be lowered considerably if one should settle for an expert in that field.

Natural Remedies

There are also natural methods which helps one in terms of sciatic nerve pain relief. Some of the natural measures include not lifting heavy objects, avoiding sitting at a place for longer period or time. There are some persons who after applying cold packs to the affected area get relief from the pains while others have been confirmed to get relief when warm packs are applied to the affected area. A lot of herbal remedies have been made available in order to ease these pains and the good thing is that they rarely come with any side effects. Some of them come in the form of teas while others come in capsules.

With all these said, many persons would rather go for natural methods of relieving pains of sciatic nerve than going for the artificial methods due to the minimal side effects from going for the natural methods.

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