Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goldfish Ailments

The goldfish is a type of fish that is loved by most persons, especially when it has to do with keeping them as pets. But there is one problem though; the goldfish is known to be susceptible to lethal diseases and goldfish ailments which are capable of abruptly ending the life of the particular goldfish that gets infected. There should not be any need for unnecessary alarm owing to this fact, one can limit to the barest minimum the onset and spread of any type of goldfish ailments by proper maintenance of the goldfish. The proper maintenance could be in the area of making sure that the water that the goldfish is kept in is always fresh and clean. Another area of maintenance is the environment where the goldfish is kept. If the environment and the water is adequately taken care of, then there is every assurance that the goldfish ailments will be kept away from the goldfish.

The goldfish is a type of fish that has a very long life span. A goldfish that is properly taken care of and not unnecessarily exposed to goldfish ailments can live for as long as ten years or more. This would have been possible if most of the owners of the goldfish are aware of the major facts about taking care of goldfish and safeguarding them from getting infected with the goldfish ailments. A goldfish that is exposed to disease could die in as little as a couple of months after being acquired by the owner.

How then does one detect when the goldfish is not feeling fine? The first and major technique is keeping an eye on the goldfish and this should be done on daily basis. While checking one’s fish for any possible signs of goldfish ailments, one is also provided the opportunity to bond with his or her pet, the goldfish. The symptom of an ailment could be in the form of a deviation from its normal behavior to abnormal behavior. Any type of abnormal behavior should not be overlooked instead the owner of the goldfish should give more time to closely examining the particular goldfish to be sure that it may not be suffering from any type of goldfish ailments. Upon ascertaining that the goldfish is actually sick, treatment should be commenced immediately in order not to endanger the goldfish and any other ones in the aquarium.
There are a lot of diseases affecting the goldfish and one of them is called Ichtyopthirius and is called Ich for simplicity. This type of disease is one of the several goldfish ailments that is known to be parasitic in nature, all it does is eat the goldfish body as its food. They have the ability to increase simultaneously in number if not combated as soon as possible. A goldfish that is infected with this disease is seen with white little spots on the outer skin and even the fin of the fish. The Ich if not treated with the urgency it requires could lead to the death of the goldfish infected and even lead to the infection of any other goldfish that is sharing the aquarium with the infected fish.

Fin rot is another disease that is associated with goldfish ailments. This particular disease is known to be bacterial in nature and tends to affect a goldfish that has sustained injury on its fin. If one owns goldfish that is fond of biting other goldfish fins, then there should be a careful monitoring of the bitten goldfish to avoid or prevent the onset of fin rot disease. Fin rot is one of the numerous goldfish ailments that when left untreated, has the potential to kill the goldfish.

How to look younger using the natural sunless tanning process

Achieving a tanned look through the process of natural sunless tanning has been made more popular since research confirmed that inappropriate exposure of the human skin to the harmful rays of the sun could cause skin cancer. It is only wise to expose oneself to a minimal level of the sun’s rays which helps in replenishing the vitamins in the human body. If for any reason it becomes necessary to stay under the sun for longer than necessary, then it is advised for one to wear a genuine and quality sunscreen. Listed below are some of the tips that one can use to achieve a good tan without being exposed to the sun. They are:

•Lotions: There are sunless tanning lotions that are specially formulated to help one achieve that tanned looked without exposure to the harmful sun’s rays. They even give one a more natural tan. The color of the lotion is faintly tinted so that on application, where would know the areas she has actually applied the lotion, this helps to prevent it from running down one’s skin. The sunless tanning lotion contains an element that is sugar based and it acts in conjunction with the outer skin pigments to give one the desired tan.

•Spa: Most spa services include a type of tan that is actually sprayed on. In applying this type of tan, one is made to stand in an enclosing and with parts of the body where the tan is not needed like the hair is covered and then the person is evenly sprayed with the tanning elements or by brushing which is confirmed to have a more exceptional result.

Before one goes for any of these tanning procedures, she should make sure that she is not in a hurry. It should be done on a day that one is less busy so that the applied tanning solution will be given enough time to dry up. One is also advised to shower minutes before being tanned in order to soften the skin and also, should exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells in order to achieve the maximum smooth tanned skin.

Though the effect of the natural sunless tan does not last for long, it is safer and better than exposing one’s body to the risk of skin cancer.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Looking years younger with sensitive skin products

There are several persons out there who give their skin the utmost care owing to the delicate nature of their skin. The cosmetic sector has not stopped churning out various skin care products that aids a lot of persons in achieving that cherished look and feeling they so much desire. There are persons out there whose skin are not really sensitive and this calls for the advice that before one proceeds with spending money that might be termed unnecessary expenditure, the person should take the time to find out his or her skin type and the level of one’s skin sensitivity.

Some persons suffer from one skin problem or the other without even knowing about it. Some skin problems do not exhibit any visible sign which makes it barely noticeable. Certain things needs to be taken into consideration that would go a long way in establishing whether one really needs products for sensitive skin in one’s beauty routine. Some persons make the mistake of assuming their skin to be of normal skin type while in actual sense their skin needs all the help it can get.

It is vital that one makes effort towards taking care of his or her health generally. In sticking to a healthy routine, one’s skin care should be attached to that routine because it is very essential. Before one decides that his or her skin does not need any kind of skin care, the person should have a rethink of the whole benefits of engaging in habitual skin care.

When one’s skin starts needing that attention that is not being given to it, the physical effect of that lack of care begins to manifest gradually. Skin routine is necessary for those who suffer from rashes, itchy or irritating skin. For those who may not be having rashes or itchy skin, there may be other areas through which one’s skin will signify that it really needs adequate care especially if one has gone through one demanding engagement or the other.

Redness of the skin, irritation and dryness are some of the signs that one should engage in primary skin care routine in order to help his or her skin. Sticking to this routine will really aid in bring back one’s skin to a healthy one.

Cooking with Olive Oil

It is always a great idea cooking with olive oil due to its unsurpassed exceptional taste and health benefits. The use of olive oil is something that has been in existence for several centuries gone. But current searchlight on olive oil makes it seem like olive oil is a new invention when it is actually not. The reason for this recent surge in the use of olive oil stems primarily from the fact that researches has gone a long way to prove that olive oil has a lot of health benefits attached to it. Olive oil has been proven to be the oil that does not contain saturated fat which makes it nearly impossible for a consumer of olive oil to suffer from ailments like stroke, negative cholesterol level and even high blood pressure.

If one is to use the olive oil and get the best from it, the person is supposed to know some facts about it and how cooking with olive oil properly will bring out the best taste in one’s delicacies. One should know that olive oil loses its taste and alters the flavor of the meal being prepared if introduced to high heat. Listed below are some useful tips for using olive oil in one’s cooking. They are:

•High Heat: It is a confirmed fact that olive oil does not stand high heat and
should not be used in preparation of meals that require high temperature to be cooked so as not to make the olive oil loose its flavor and change the flavor of the cooking.

•Low Smoke point: In frying with olive oil, if introduced to high heat it will result also in the room or kitchen being filled with smoke. To avoid this, it is advised that one should do the frying with a combination of olive oil and canola oil. This will enable one to do that cooking or frying that requires high heat and at the same time, still relish the health benefit of olive oil and also retain that associated with food prepared with olive oil.

•Variety: Due to the increasing demand for olive oil owing to the benefits one stands to get from its usage health wise, there is an increase in variety which also comes with varied flavor. The associated flavor of a particular brand of olive oil is determined by the origin of the olives that were used in the production of that particular brand of olive oil. The varied olive oil brands are Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Olive Oil and Extra Light Olive Oil.

Aloe Vera – A gift of skin care from nature

The Aloe is approximately divided into more than four hundred species. The variations are mostly in color and could be in the range of bright green and grey color, they could also come with stripes. The leaves of the Aloe Vera are also known to be pointed and long in nature with spinney edges. The flowers of the Aloe are in the forms of tube and the variance of color ranges from yellow, red and even orange. The flowers of the Aloe are normally solidly bunched together from stems that are leafless.

Among the several species of the Aloe, the one that is most common is the Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is high regarded based on its high level of medicinal content. The Aloe Vera is widely used in the production of most skin care products. It has the unique properties of antibiotic and antiseptic that determines to a great extent its effectiveness in the treatment of skin conditions like eczema, rashes, sunburns etc. Aloe Vera also has the ability to produce substances that gives relief from itching associated to poison oak, poison sumac and poison ivy. In the cosmetic industry, it is introduced into certain creams as a moisturizing agent, which helps in boosting the skin’s elasticity and diminishes to a great extent, the visible symptoms of aging.

The Aloe Vera plant has a very high content of water in it, approximately 96%, the remnant 4% is made up of amino acids, Vitamins A, C, E, B, and B12. The 4% also contains minerals like Copper, Iron, Potassium, Calcium etc. and enzymes. Most of the Vitamins have high content of antioxidants which is the major reason why they are mostly used in the production of various skin care products.

The advantages of Aloe Vera are summed up below:

• It contains antioxidant which aids in the growth of new skin cell which will
in turn boost the elasticity of the skin
• It has the ability to heal wounds and minimizes to a large extent the
visibility of scars
• It is used as a form of treatment in the cases of eczema, rashes, insect
bites etc

How Much Sodium Per Day

What actually is sodium and how much sodium per day is needed by humans? Sodium is said to be a vital component in one’s diet. There is sodium in the human body system and for the bloodstream to function at its maximal point, the level of sodium concentration in the system should be at a specified range or level. The absence of sodium in one’s diet or meal routine can lead to severe health issues or problems. The necessary thing in the intake of sodium is knowing how much sodium per day you and I need for our bodies to function fully.

With this being said, between 500 and 2400 milligrams is the minimum amount of sodium that is suggested as the vital intake for the human system on a daily basis. Before one consumes that canned food, it is advisable for the person to check the content label of the canned food in order to ascertain the level of sodium contained in the canned food. If one should form this habit of reading labels, it will help the person to know how much sodium per day that he or she has taken or is about to take. In a loaf of bread, the sodium content is up to 120 milligrams, which in essence should not be a concern. When one is living a healthy life style and does not have any kidney problems or high blood pressure, drinks plenty of clean water, then the person’s body system will be able to remove the surplus sodium intake in the course of the day, especially by those who do not know how much sodium per day that he or she needs.

Most persons have the habit of consuming fast food, frozen foods and even canned foods. In taking these types of food, one is invariably ingesting sodium that is between 4,000 milligrams and 10,000 milligrams on a daily basis which is higher than the normal level of sodium that is supposed to be taken. The continued intake of this high level of sodium results in health conditions like kidney failure and high blood pressure.

It is vital that we know how much sodium per day that one has taken especially from knowing the foods that have high levels of sodium content. Check that hot dog, corned beef, and even pickles, they contain between 500 and 1000 milligrams of sodium per serving. Pizza and canned soup is another source of sodium in large quantity. Even the processed spaghetti sauces contain a high volume of sodium.

It is pertinent to indicate that it is not being said that one should not eat food that has sodium content, no but that one should avoid eating several meals, especially the processed, frozen and fast food products which have high sodium content. In knowing how much sodium per day that one is taking, it is advisable for one to always read and understand the figures written on the product labels in order to monitor the intake of sodium.

It is also vital to point out that the intake of sodium does not in any proven way lead to weight gain. The level of sodium intake has no connection with the level of fat that one’s body contains. The best way to avoid surplus intake of sodium especially if one cannot calculate how much sodium per day that he or she has taken is by shunning most fast food, processed and canned soups, etc. One should not turn away from every food that contains sodium but the ones that have it in surplus should be avoided because at the end of the day, they have no nutritional value but instead leads the consumer one step towards severe health conditions.

With all these said, it is generally advised that one should endeavor to keep tab on the amount of sodium consumed on daily basis. All it takes is discipline and motivation.

How to get older with an active brain.

In getting older, some people’s ability to remember things becomes foggy while in others it continues to be as sharp as it has been. For this singular reason, scientists and researchers embarked on a journey to find out what really makes that difference. Their sole aim is so that they will be able to help those who fall in the group that looses one’s memory due to old age.

It is a proven fact that most of the functions of the human brain including the ability to remember things diminishes with the aging process, no matter how healthy the person may be. When one could not remember where he or she kept keys on a daily basis, then there is a problem to contend it. It has to be made clear though that this does not mean that the person has Alzheimer’s disease until other wise proven, that it is only age taking its toll on the brain.

How then can one help his or brain to function effectively even when gets to the age of 60 and above? The first and foremost of it is physical exercise. When one engages in physical exercise, the person will be doing his or her body a whole lot of good including the brain.

Another method of sharpening one’s brain even in old age is by engaging or taking part in games like puzzles or mahjong games that would make the person to exercise his or her brain without even knowing it. Games that gets one calculating the next move is a good one for the advanced in age.

Another method of sharpening the brain up during the aging process is by taking certain medications which are said to be able to maintain and boost the functionality of the human brain. It is imperative that one knows that intermittently forgetting things does not necessarily mean that one is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.
In all, one should not be alarmed about the functionality of the brain in old age. Research has shown that the brain is made in such a way that it can readapt to the loss of the functionality of the existing pathways, it diversifies on its own.