Monday, October 4, 2010

How Much Sodium Per Day

What actually is sodium and how much sodium per day is needed by humans? Sodium is said to be a vital component in one’s diet. There is sodium in the human body system and for the bloodstream to function at its maximal point, the level of sodium concentration in the system should be at a specified range or level. The absence of sodium in one’s diet or meal routine can lead to severe health issues or problems. The necessary thing in the intake of sodium is knowing how much sodium per day you and I need for our bodies to function fully.

With this being said, between 500 and 2400 milligrams is the minimum amount of sodium that is suggested as the vital intake for the human system on a daily basis. Before one consumes that canned food, it is advisable for the person to check the content label of the canned food in order to ascertain the level of sodium contained in the canned food. If one should form this habit of reading labels, it will help the person to know how much sodium per day that he or she has taken or is about to take. In a loaf of bread, the sodium content is up to 120 milligrams, which in essence should not be a concern. When one is living a healthy life style and does not have any kidney problems or high blood pressure, drinks plenty of clean water, then the person’s body system will be able to remove the surplus sodium intake in the course of the day, especially by those who do not know how much sodium per day that he or she needs.

Most persons have the habit of consuming fast food, frozen foods and even canned foods. In taking these types of food, one is invariably ingesting sodium that is between 4,000 milligrams and 10,000 milligrams on a daily basis which is higher than the normal level of sodium that is supposed to be taken. The continued intake of this high level of sodium results in health conditions like kidney failure and high blood pressure.

It is vital that we know how much sodium per day that one has taken especially from knowing the foods that have high levels of sodium content. Check that hot dog, corned beef, and even pickles, they contain between 500 and 1000 milligrams of sodium per serving. Pizza and canned soup is another source of sodium in large quantity. Even the processed spaghetti sauces contain a high volume of sodium.

It is pertinent to indicate that it is not being said that one should not eat food that has sodium content, no but that one should avoid eating several meals, especially the processed, frozen and fast food products which have high sodium content. In knowing how much sodium per day that one is taking, it is advisable for one to always read and understand the figures written on the product labels in order to monitor the intake of sodium.

It is also vital to point out that the intake of sodium does not in any proven way lead to weight gain. The level of sodium intake has no connection with the level of fat that one’s body contains. The best way to avoid surplus intake of sodium especially if one cannot calculate how much sodium per day that he or she has taken is by shunning most fast food, processed and canned soups, etc. One should not turn away from every food that contains sodium but the ones that have it in surplus should be avoided because at the end of the day, they have no nutritional value but instead leads the consumer one step towards severe health conditions.

With all these said, it is generally advised that one should endeavor to keep tab on the amount of sodium consumed on daily basis. All it takes is discipline and motivation.

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