Monday, October 4, 2010

How to get older with an active brain.

In getting older, some people’s ability to remember things becomes foggy while in others it continues to be as sharp as it has been. For this singular reason, scientists and researchers embarked on a journey to find out what really makes that difference. Their sole aim is so that they will be able to help those who fall in the group that looses one’s memory due to old age.

It is a proven fact that most of the functions of the human brain including the ability to remember things diminishes with the aging process, no matter how healthy the person may be. When one could not remember where he or she kept keys on a daily basis, then there is a problem to contend it. It has to be made clear though that this does not mean that the person has Alzheimer’s disease until other wise proven, that it is only age taking its toll on the brain.

How then can one help his or brain to function effectively even when gets to the age of 60 and above? The first and foremost of it is physical exercise. When one engages in physical exercise, the person will be doing his or her body a whole lot of good including the brain.

Another method of sharpening one’s brain even in old age is by engaging or taking part in games like puzzles or mahjong games that would make the person to exercise his or her brain without even knowing it. Games that gets one calculating the next move is a good one for the advanced in age.

Another method of sharpening the brain up during the aging process is by taking certain medications which are said to be able to maintain and boost the functionality of the human brain. It is imperative that one knows that intermittently forgetting things does not necessarily mean that one is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.
In all, one should not be alarmed about the functionality of the brain in old age. Research has shown that the brain is made in such a way that it can readapt to the loss of the functionality of the existing pathways, it diversifies on its own.

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