Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goldfish Ailments

The goldfish is a type of fish that is loved by most persons, especially when it has to do with keeping them as pets. But there is one problem though; the goldfish is known to be susceptible to lethal diseases and goldfish ailments which are capable of abruptly ending the life of the particular goldfish that gets infected. There should not be any need for unnecessary alarm owing to this fact, one can limit to the barest minimum the onset and spread of any type of goldfish ailments by proper maintenance of the goldfish. The proper maintenance could be in the area of making sure that the water that the goldfish is kept in is always fresh and clean. Another area of maintenance is the environment where the goldfish is kept. If the environment and the water is adequately taken care of, then there is every assurance that the goldfish ailments will be kept away from the goldfish.

The goldfish is a type of fish that has a very long life span. A goldfish that is properly taken care of and not unnecessarily exposed to goldfish ailments can live for as long as ten years or more. This would have been possible if most of the owners of the goldfish are aware of the major facts about taking care of goldfish and safeguarding them from getting infected with the goldfish ailments. A goldfish that is exposed to disease could die in as little as a couple of months after being acquired by the owner.

How then does one detect when the goldfish is not feeling fine? The first and major technique is keeping an eye on the goldfish and this should be done on daily basis. While checking one’s fish for any possible signs of goldfish ailments, one is also provided the opportunity to bond with his or her pet, the goldfish. The symptom of an ailment could be in the form of a deviation from its normal behavior to abnormal behavior. Any type of abnormal behavior should not be overlooked instead the owner of the goldfish should give more time to closely examining the particular goldfish to be sure that it may not be suffering from any type of goldfish ailments. Upon ascertaining that the goldfish is actually sick, treatment should be commenced immediately in order not to endanger the goldfish and any other ones in the aquarium.
There are a lot of diseases affecting the goldfish and one of them is called Ichtyopthirius and is called Ich for simplicity. This type of disease is one of the several goldfish ailments that is known to be parasitic in nature, all it does is eat the goldfish body as its food. They have the ability to increase simultaneously in number if not combated as soon as possible. A goldfish that is infected with this disease is seen with white little spots on the outer skin and even the fin of the fish. The Ich if not treated with the urgency it requires could lead to the death of the goldfish infected and even lead to the infection of any other goldfish that is sharing the aquarium with the infected fish.

Fin rot is another disease that is associated with goldfish ailments. This particular disease is known to be bacterial in nature and tends to affect a goldfish that has sustained injury on its fin. If one owns goldfish that is fond of biting other goldfish fins, then there should be a careful monitoring of the bitten goldfish to avoid or prevent the onset of fin rot disease. Fin rot is one of the numerous goldfish ailments that when left untreated, has the potential to kill the goldfish.

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