Monday, October 4, 2010

Cooking with Olive Oil

It is always a great idea cooking with olive oil due to its unsurpassed exceptional taste and health benefits. The use of olive oil is something that has been in existence for several centuries gone. But current searchlight on olive oil makes it seem like olive oil is a new invention when it is actually not. The reason for this recent surge in the use of olive oil stems primarily from the fact that researches has gone a long way to prove that olive oil has a lot of health benefits attached to it. Olive oil has been proven to be the oil that does not contain saturated fat which makes it nearly impossible for a consumer of olive oil to suffer from ailments like stroke, negative cholesterol level and even high blood pressure.

If one is to use the olive oil and get the best from it, the person is supposed to know some facts about it and how cooking with olive oil properly will bring out the best taste in one’s delicacies. One should know that olive oil loses its taste and alters the flavor of the meal being prepared if introduced to high heat. Listed below are some useful tips for using olive oil in one’s cooking. They are:

•High Heat: It is a confirmed fact that olive oil does not stand high heat and
should not be used in preparation of meals that require high temperature to be cooked so as not to make the olive oil loose its flavor and change the flavor of the cooking.

•Low Smoke point: In frying with olive oil, if introduced to high heat it will result also in the room or kitchen being filled with smoke. To avoid this, it is advised that one should do the frying with a combination of olive oil and canola oil. This will enable one to do that cooking or frying that requires high heat and at the same time, still relish the health benefit of olive oil and also retain that associated with food prepared with olive oil.

•Variety: Due to the increasing demand for olive oil owing to the benefits one stands to get from its usage health wise, there is an increase in variety which also comes with varied flavor. The associated flavor of a particular brand of olive oil is determined by the origin of the olives that were used in the production of that particular brand of olive oil. The varied olive oil brands are Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Olive Oil and Extra Light Olive Oil.

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