Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How to look younger using the natural sunless tanning process

Achieving a tanned look through the process of natural sunless tanning has been made more popular since research confirmed that inappropriate exposure of the human skin to the harmful rays of the sun could cause skin cancer. It is only wise to expose oneself to a minimal level of the sun’s rays which helps in replenishing the vitamins in the human body. If for any reason it becomes necessary to stay under the sun for longer than necessary, then it is advised for one to wear a genuine and quality sunscreen. Listed below are some of the tips that one can use to achieve a good tan without being exposed to the sun. They are:

•Lotions: There are sunless tanning lotions that are specially formulated to help one achieve that tanned looked without exposure to the harmful sun’s rays. They even give one a more natural tan. The color of the lotion is faintly tinted so that on application, where would know the areas she has actually applied the lotion, this helps to prevent it from running down one’s skin. The sunless tanning lotion contains an element that is sugar based and it acts in conjunction with the outer skin pigments to give one the desired tan.

•Spa: Most spa services include a type of tan that is actually sprayed on. In applying this type of tan, one is made to stand in an enclosing and with parts of the body where the tan is not needed like the hair is covered and then the person is evenly sprayed with the tanning elements or by brushing which is confirmed to have a more exceptional result.

Before one goes for any of these tanning procedures, she should make sure that she is not in a hurry. It should be done on a day that one is less busy so that the applied tanning solution will be given enough time to dry up. One is also advised to shower minutes before being tanned in order to soften the skin and also, should exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells in order to achieve the maximum smooth tanned skin.

Though the effect of the natural sunless tan does not last for long, it is safer and better than exposing one’s body to the risk of skin cancer.

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